CRA Research

Pandemic and the City

The CRA is proud to have contributed to “Pandemic and the City”, edited by Mehmet Güney Celbiş, Karima Kourtit, and Peter Nijkamp. The book is a contemporary view of how COVID-19 impacted urban life and discusses various policy responses. Other contibuting authors include Frank van Oort, Denise Pumain, and Kingsley E. Haynes.

Dr. Terry Clower and Dr. Keith Waters contributed a policy tool to examine sub-national regions and explored the tool in several OECD countries.

Pandemic Regional Recovery Index: An Adaptable Tool for Decision-Making on Regions

Dr. Laurie Schintler and GMU co-author Connie McNeely explore the nexus of social justice, digitalization and health and well-being in the their contribution that pays particular attention to the impacts of AI.

Social Justice, Digitalization, and Health and Well-Being in the Pandemic City