Mobility Innovation Policy

The Mobility Innovation Policy Project by the Center For Regional Analysis is led by Kelley S. Coyner, J.D

Transportation Highlights Her positions in the transportation field, include service as the global Mobility Innovation Leader for Stantec Consulting LLC, founder of Mobilitye3, Executive Director of the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission, the Senate-confirmed Administrator of Research and Special Programs at the U.S. DOT, research appointments at MIT and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, counsel to independent flight attendant unions, and advisor to the Vice Chair of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, and staff liaison to the Texas Highway Commission.

Research Highlights Ms. Coyner’s recent research and project  experience includes Low Speed Autonomous Vehicles in Public Transportation, third party valid of safety operations of AVs, planning and policy for automated, connected, electric and shared mobility systems, AV deployment guidance, automation and real estate development, CAV Infrastructure Readiness, and AV Safety and Operations.  In additional experience includes development of a federal transportation research agenda, oversight of the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, and design of a regional transit research network. Ms. Coyner’s decades of research and technology experience includes developing and overseeing research initiatives across disciplines, ensuring the dissemination and application of research results, securing research funding, and founding the U.S. Department of Transportation’s first ever STEM initiative as part of the Garrett A. Morgan Technology and Transportation Research Program.  Ms. Coyner’s served as Research Panel Member, Travel Impacts & Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Rural & Smaller Community Land Use Strategies National Highway Cooperative Research Program. She also served as a Member of Member, Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board Committee on the Effectiveness of the Global Nuclear Detection Architecture, National Academy of Sciences.

Regional Governance As Executive Director of the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission 2013- June 2016, Ms. Coyner secured millions of dollars of funding for the region’s transportation system and built the technical strength of NVTC through innovative partnerships with the region’s research community.  Prior to joining NVTC as Executive Director she served as Chief of Staff to the National Capital Region’s Senior Policy Group on homeland security and emergency management where she led the region’s cities and counties and 500 subject matter experts through an overhaul of its strategic plan that guides management and selection of homeland security and emergency management grants.

Academic and Federal Leadership A veteran of public, private and nonprofit sectors, Ms. Coyner has served at all levels of government and in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. She was a member of the 2008 Presidential Transition Team and was the Senate-confirmed head of the Research and Special Programs Administration. Ms. Coyner’s other appointments include Eno Foundation Board of Advisors, Obama Presidential Transition Team, Visiting Researcher, MIT; Observer, Critical Infrastructure Committee, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Advisor to SOUTHCOM, South American, U.S., and International NGOs, USAID Technical Advisor on Institutional Development, Communications and Social Media to PROCOSI; Civilian Advisor, Officer Candidate School, U.S. Coast Guard Academy; U.S. Department of State, Foreign Service Institute. She oversaw the federal government’s University Transportation Centers Program and has lectured at more than 30 universities and colleges across the United States.